Jonathan Kidder is an intuitive coach and inspirational entertainer. His readings at parties and onstage are wildly entertaining. He uses puppetry, costume and comedy to teach and heal. He is seeking opportunities to "raise the vibration" whether it be a small living room gathering or a large scale event. Jonathan's counseling work is done through the "Rainbow Process" which he created to make spiritual growth fun.  You can follow his daily posts on this process on Instagram @jonathankidder and hashtag #kiddervibes. Miss Fuego the Phoenix, Felix the Lamb and Kidder the Merman are his most celebrated characters.

 Photo by Reed Davis @reeddavisphotography

Photo by Reed Davis @reeddavisphotography

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Have you ever talked to a puppet? Jonathan gives intuitive readings with puppets that are 3-5 minutes in length and great for parties. Kidder's comedy, the visual appeal of puppets, and sharing energetic readings with family members make the experience truly magical. People have said that Kidder's Puppet Therapy is...

"Seriously on point, funny, witty and clever." -Gladys.

"Excellent reading. Fun, insightful." - Brad

"Weirdly specific and right about EVERYTHING!" - Jennifer C.

"Jonathan- seriously. You hit the NAIL." - HDS

"Made me believe in more than what I know." - Grant

"Best advice I've had all night." -Shaun

"Extremely insightful and spot on! Thank you for the reading as well as the helpful advice. Fun!" -Sebastian

"Jonathan, I can't thank you enough for what I needed to hear." - S. Day




Caricatures are always a hit. Kidder's caricatures draw people together.  These quick-drawn mini-masterpieces are often framed and always featured on social media. They make people feel seen, valued and appreciated. With a few quick pen strokes Jonathan captures the love and light residing in us all. Kidderatures are usually done in three to five minutes and are a great way to celebrate family as they gather and watch the illustrator at work. 

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This dancing, talking, walk-around puppet character has LEDs strung through her feathers. She is a performance art extravaganza. Her sharp intuitive readings delight, inspire and uplift. She loves to work a crowd, especially the captive audience in a line or waiting area. At that crucial moment when the dance floor opens, Miss Fuego is the spark you need to get the party goin'. This Phoenix is quickly rising in popularity as she has been seen on America's Got Talent, Vanderpump Rules, and with millions of views at She's raised the vibration at festivals such as Lightening in a Bottle, Los Angeles' Pride Fest, and numerous stand up venues. She can be encountered most every Friday night at The Birdcage in Santa Monica.


Jonathan's merman routine is available now through October 1st. Book him now for your pool party or summer fiesta. Jonathan does his signature readings poolside. It's fun on a number of levels. People have a meaningful conversation, photo opp and time to enjoy what many call a mystical experience. The merman is available for ambiance, intuitive readings and Kidderature portrait drawings.