A call from Spirit

Jonathan Kidder is a psychic intuitive with an artistic bent. He performs with puppets, draws caricatures, and takes on the personas of mystical creatures as he gives intuitive readings. Whether in stylish scales as a merman or fully feathered as Miss Fuego the Phoenix Jonathan will delight and entertain your audiences with candor, humor and a light elegance that earns him respect. He is very comfortable playing family audiences and loves to get real with an all adult late night crowd.  He brings his tambourine and shakers and will get the party vibe humming when he needs a break from readings. as he works for the spirit of the event above all else. He believes that events are energetic opportunities for healing and love and works with his clients to make their events and venues resonate with that energy. He's been working in the arts and entertainment for over 20 years with companies such as Disneyland Resort, Kaiser Permanente, Adult Swim, Agape Spiritual Center, and Wild Brain Media. He is here to uplift and inspire.

 Photo by Lara Everly laraeverly.com

Photo by Lara Everly laraeverly.com

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Kidder's Kritters

Psychic Puppets

Jonathan's original puppet act includes five characters that deliver inspirational messages. Each guest is invited to take the "hot seat" where Jonathan reveals a character for a special intuitive reading. These puppets connect with individuals in a profound way, as puppetry has a way of accessing a person's imagination. Readings are short, lasting 3 to 5 minutes and are profound. This works very well at parties because of the visual appeal of the puppet characters, Jonathan's comic timing, and the joy of watching friends and loved ones have such a unique and authentic experience. The psychic puppet area becomes filled with love and light as people engage in this inspirational activity, raising the vibration of the entire space.


Merman About Town

The Fishy Psychic

Jonathan brings his magic forward through the embodiment of this sea creature. Poolside or on land this merman gives sea-worthy psychic readings, caricatures, and dynamite photos. As Jonathan is often in musical environments, he brings a few instruments to provide light hand percussion during ambient moments. The energy is fantastic.

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Phoenix Rising

Interactive Character

The ultimate party fowl, Miss Fuego provides an upbeat energy to every event she attends. With a keen inner sight, she has a special ability to uplift, inspire and connect. Being a firebird, she loves to get the dance floor 'lit.' She also does tongue and cheek, yet accurate psychic readings for large audiences, small groups, and anyone brave enough to discover their own inner phoenix fire.

This Phoenix is quickly rising in popularity as she has been seen on America's Got Talent, Vanderpump Rules, HeyQween.tv and festivals such as Lightening in a Bottle, Los Angeles' Pride Fest, and numerous stand up venues. This bird is golden.


Jonathan Kidder's drawings are done in minutes and completely capture the essence of the sitter. Guests also enjoy the brief psychic "evaluation" Jonathan offers, at the guest's consent, as he draws. It becomes a very fun, intimate experience that sets a group chatting on a much deeper level after Jonathan moves on to the next group. These often end up posted, bringing visibility to your event as branding is included in your booking fee. It's a win-win-win situation.

Psychic Readings done while drawing caricatures

Give your guests something tangible to take home that is both meaningful and fun. Jonathan's caricatures are done with the intention of connecting people to their beauty, inner light, and higher purpose. These quick-drawn mini-masterpieces are treastured because people feel they are seen, valued and appreciated. Jonathan's skill as an artist is distilled into a tonic portrait. A visual key to the love and light residing in us all. Kidderatures are usually done in three to five minutes and are a great way to celebrate family as they gather and watch the illustrator work.