Spirituality, Go-Go Dancing & Possibilitopia

Spirituality is the basis for everything I do, say, think or feel.

I am a mystic. I have heard voices ever since I was a child. And while I don’t read tarot, palms or tea-leaves, I do see dead people, balance my chakras and honestly think if I cut it out of a magazine and decoupage some foam core with it, it will probably come true.

I am, also, skeptical. Every day I wonder if all of the supernatural splendor I have experienced may have just been the conjuring of my wild and incredible imagination. But my life is no longer about trying to fit in or figure it out. That all changed when I became a go-go dancer.

Being a go-go dancer has helped me embrace my spirituality and love my crazy self.

It started as a way to honor the intuition I had been getting for about five years. Every time the very concrete notion passed through my brain I’d dismiss it. Then, on a New Year’s Eve conversation with myself, I realized I was still fighting this clear direction from, from, from… lets just call it Big Mama. Yes, I call God… Big Mama. Big Mama Love. That’s the whole term. Anyway, Big Mama told me to and finally I said yes. The experience has, as we “woo-woo’s” often say, “changed my life.” I became a happier, more confident person all around. On the edge of a new creative venture, that same Big Mama voice comes to me now…this time more as a kick than a push, to tell my “Spirit stories.” To be honest, I’m scared.

I think religion can be destructive and find myself laughing (to myself) at the crazzzy things people believe. Mythology. I dress up like a unicorn, but I don’t actually think they’re real. I see “other” people believing “other” things and I’m like, “why are they buying into that mythological, magical thinking?” I dated someone who had very different spiritual views than myself and when we finally got to the religion discussion realized he had just as much ground to poke holes in my beliefs as I thought I had to poke in his. So, while I hesitantly open up more and more about my woo-woo life, let me make one thing perfectly clear. I’m sharing my perspective, and want you to take it only as that. I’m not asking anyone to believe me. I’m not interested in being right about things. But if I don’t start preaching (yes, I said the p-word) this powerful kick might do me in. “The fates lead those who will. Those who won’t, they drag.”

It’s not my mission to create my own brand of spirituality or belief system. That’s why I couch my message in comedy and entertainment. Take it all with a grain of thought. My purpose in life is people laughing and thinking- to delight and inspire. That’s what my company, KidderCo Studio is about, and that’s what I’m here for. So, lets get to the inspiration part. Here are some beliefs I want to share with you that I learned on a few go-go boxes between 10 and 2am across Los Angeles.

People just want to be loved.

Love is at the heart of it.

The only real hater is the one inside.

Stand up and love yourself.

Smile and shake your ass.

Love your crazy.

Embrace your quirky.

Cherish your strange.

I’m writing this for you ‘cuz I, on a “heal the world hold hands and kumbaya” kind of way…love you.

I love people. I just do. I can feel and see from other people’s perspectives so quickly sometimes- a deep empathy. It’s hard not to get where someone is coming from or what they’re going through and almost impossible not to want to give, support and contribute. It's actually a problem if I don’t actively balance that with being alone and trying really hard not to care. I think I’m most effective in life when I strike a balance between caring and not caring. Like a parent who cares enough to discipline their child but doesn’t let their kids tears keep them from following through. We’ve got to follow through. Our dreams suffer when we don’t, and so do we.

But today I found that balance. I care enough to jot this all down for you, and for this moment am not bound by my concern about what you think. I think that I am such an incredible guy that you should have all of me. Not just the parts I think you should have. Not just the parts I’ve perfected.

I used to go through life in a “don’t take your jacket off” kind of way. Like when you’re at a wedding and don’t take your jacket off because you didn’t have time to iron the whole shirt- just the parts that would be seen. Life becomes hot, sticky, and suffocating. Especially when you feel you’re being called to a ministry that involves being vulnerable, authentic and sharing your life openly. (I have no selfish interest in any of this by the way and would much rather live in a cave and only come out for mac ‘n cheese.) I’m feeling deeply called to share my perspective.

In my perspective reality is magical. The experience of magic is the experience of being so full of love and beauty that things just light up. It is the lightness of being, he effervescence of the soul, the simple joy of being here… now.

If you’ve been to my Instagram, @jonathankidder, you may have encountered #possibilitopia. Possibilitopia is a variety show of mystical, mythological, misfit characters performed by moi (and surprise guests). It is my covert operation to delight and inspire you. Not to make you believe in anything…except yourself. I want you to be present to your own magic.

Possibilitopia is that state of mind where anything, suddenly, is possible. It’s the moment when you have more energy than you ought to and are unusually extra-effective. It’s like the feeling when you meet someone you really really like… and you find yourself moving a mountain or two. I was in 300 miles away from home, fighting a raging cold and massive headache, getting ready for opening night of a production. I heard my mom had hopped on a last minute flight to come see me in the show, and I suddenly felt fabulous. Possibiltopia is that mental spot you hit where things suddenly work.  It’s about being present, authentic, here, and now. And while I’m doing it for you, I’m also doing it for me.

My brand is about dropping your pretense being yourself. I’ll put on a mask so you don’t have to. This week I’ve been dressing up as a “worker bee” sort of character to inspire us to stay focused and disciplined. His name is Pollen the Pixie and taking on pixie power got my ass to the gym every day this week. I’m so proud. You can see his video at www.youtube.com/kiddercostudio and also follow me @jonathankidder to see what’s coming next. Leave me a note and let me know you stopped by. If you are a fan, I’m super-curious who your favorite character is so far. Thanks for reading. See you in Possibilitopia.