Miss Fuego the Firebird

Seen on last season's America's Got Talent, Miss Fuego is one feisty firebird. Comedian, Singer, Dancer- Miss Fuego is a triple threat. When she walks into a room, nearly everyone pulls out a phone and starts shooting. After all, it's not every day you see a real live Phoenix. Miss Fuego is here to empower people with her whit, sass, and rhythm. Miss Fuego is a 7' Tall walk around bird puppet. She can use a handheld mic or lavalier to host, emcee and sing. As she is tall and stands out from the crowd she is great for making important announcements at large events and functions. Have her get people in your door, pay attention to announcements, or direct traffic to the gift shop.

As this is a puppeteered walk around character, much like Big Bird from Sesame Street, Miss Fuego needs a 15 minute break every hour for indoor events and outdoor evening functions. For events in the sun Miss Fuego needs a break every half hour. Miss Fuego prefers a dressing room on site and is happy to arrive in costume upon request.

Miss Fuego has hosted nightclubs, church potlucks, and performed in concert to thousands.

People flock to her.