Jonathan's philosophy is that people just want to be loved. His drawings are a way of showing people that someone sees them, gets them, and finds magic in who they are. This is seen and felt in Jonathan's work and his presence brings an energy of fun, love, and inclusion. He draws for black tie events, nightspots, house parties and also children's events.


Many of the caricature portraits featured on this page were completed in under five minutes, some in only thirty seconds. Caricature artists often spend upwards of 30 minutes per drawing, making it hard to draw every guest at a party. Jonathan's record is 100 caricatures at a recent Holiday event. Literally every guest who wanted one walked out with a frameable work of art. The event hosts heard rave reviews. Guests love watching Jonathan draw because he often does no sketching before-hand and cracks jokes as he goes.

Have KidderCo put your branding on the portrait sheets. Jonathan's portraits encourage people to post your event, which is free promotion. Get your branding on Jonathan's pages and you'll be thrilled with the results on social media. These delightful drawings find a place of honor in people's homes and offices, and we want people to remember where they got them- your event!  


Jonathan loves doing cast parties! Have Jonathan Kidder draw at your next wrap party, cast party, or office event.