Unicorn Intuition


I'd like to tell you about another character from Possibilitopia. His name is Disco. He is a unicorn.

This character is based on the yogic concept of the brow chakra, often referred to as the “third eye.”

Represented by the color indigo this energy center is about wisdom, understanding, and intuition. The horn set in his brow acts as a great reminder to balance and activate that body center. The equine aspect of this character is telling as well. There is a bottomless depth in the gaze of a horse. Having worked with horses as a young man I believe their sensitivity is real and that the connection between horse and rider is mystical. I think nigtclubs are magical too and a powerful place to discover your own power of intuition.

Disco Unicorn is an intuitive creature. In a crowded nightclub you don't think he sees you staring, but he mysteriously turns his head to meet your gaze.  He moves across the dance floor right to you and stares you down. He knows what you're thinking. You move together, swaying to the same music and guided by the same pull. And when you're ready for some fresh air, he puts his hoof out to your hand and says, “follow me.”

Intuition is a calm trust in your innate ability to know. It's how you make many decisions. It's fundamental.

Disco Unicorn represents the fun of this process.

He becons you to move through the rhythm of the mind, let the music guide you, close your eyes and see. He would tell you not to second guess yourself. He'd ask you to feel the energy that calls you, surrender, and dance. That energy will save you from your limited sense of who you are. It will gently free you from the fear-mind’s death grip on your body.

My dear friends were trying to have a baby. After resorting to a number of major medical procedures with no success they were exhausted and sad. We ventured to an old gay bar in Studio City for disco night. We were checking the venu out to see if it was the right spot for my friends upcoming birthday celebration.

That night, we danced. My friend said it was like seven years of therapy- and she really got down. Her husband jested, calling it “the exorcism”- she just danced out all of the stress of the preceding months. That is the night their beautiful baby boy was conceived. They acknowledged the magic of that night when they nick named the baby inside her Disco. He's a bouncy, happy three month old now. Definitely a magic kid.

Our minds are powerful. And they can get in the way when fear and memory lock up our steps. Disco Unicorn is here to remind you to relax, take a deep breath, open your mind and get your hooves to the dance floor.

Rocking out with my hooves out at Coachella. 

Rocking out with my hooves out at Coachella. 

There's something about the moonlight that makes things extra unicorny. Hoof's up! 

There's something about the moonlight that makes things extra unicorny. Hoof's up!