How to be a Phoenix

I am completely obsessed with my puppet Miss Fuego. She's fierce, she's fiery, she's fabulous. I feel like we have a relationship. She's funny when I need to laugh, firm when I need to focus, and serious when I need to cry. She makes the world a better place and her presence in my life has me feeling a little more fiery and fabulous than before.

I entered a competition for America's most talented person recently (a little show on NBC called America's Got Talent) and was X'd off within seconds of starting my act. But I didn't cry, fumble or freak out. I danced off the stage! Why? Cuz I had a 7' tall Firebird with me. That's why! Miss Fuego has me do things I never thought I could do. And she has a triumphant spirit I have only started to discover in myself once she and I started, well, hanging out. 

Its kinda funny. Technically I'm the puppeteer and she's the puppet. But what I experience is her in my head telling me what to do- basically puppeteering me on how to bring her to life.  

Its pretty much like channeling. Psychic puppetry. Wild I know. And after I take her costume off, shower (thoroughly) and get back in my civilian regs I find myself living a little differently as Jonathan. I have a little more pride, a little more joy, and am that much more willing to spread my wings. So here's to Miss Fuego and what it takes to be a Phoenix. Here are six things I have learned from this feisty firebird that I think every Phoenix must know. Here's to all you fiery fierce and fabulous folks out there- this is from one Phoenix to another.

1.  Always do your laundry.

Since you're a fierbird, you probably love to dance and lift your arms. Consider your neighbor's noses and find the opportunity to start a nice load.

2.  Don't be sassy just 'cuz.

People love your sass and think it's a trademark. But you're funniest when it's real. Don't fake it. Be your sweet self until someone actually pisses you off. Then say all that funny sh#t you're known for. 

3.  Walk Like a Goddess

You are a goddess.  Your shoes should fit and be amazing and everyone should look at everything. The last thing they see is your feet so that's what they comment on. If they're not, it's time to get a new pair of shoes and/or reinvent yourself completely.

4.  Sing!

You free people up when you sing. Your freedom lies in their liberation. A true Phoenix knows her soul is only on fire when she is setting hearts ablaze around her. 

5.  Eat well. Eat often.

That one is self explanatory. But I said "well" and that also means smart, healthy and balanced. Each thing you eat is a sacrifice your body burns at the altar of your cells. Feast well on living, beautiful plant foods and meats (if you chose them) that are healthy and of high vibration. 

6.  Fail.

Fuck up and make it count. Enjoy the pain of regret until it becomes delight. That delight will inspire you to do something truly triumphant that will actually make you feel like you made up for the previous failure(s) but you'll find the failures beautiful just like you- perfect in all ways, always. 

7. Be Grateful.

Shine gratitude into your regret until it becomes delight.

I love you- 

Jonathan Kidder

Miss Fuego Firebird shooting with Andrew Haagen at Coachella

Miss Fuego Firebird shooting with Andrew Haagen at Coachella